Christmas recipes - 2.

Danube wave


1 Rama
5 eggs
38 dkg flour
1 baking powder
1,5 spoons cocoa powder
1 kg sour cherry
0,5 kg icing sugar


2 spoons icing sugar
1 vanilla pudding
0,5 l milk
1 grated lemon peel
20 dkg butter

On the top: chocolate coating


1. Divide eggs to white and yolk. Mix the yolk with icing sugar and Rama. Beat up the egg white. Mix the flour and the baking powder. Mix all of these.

2. Divide the cake to two similar parts. Pour one of them in a baking dish. Mix the other part with cocoa powder and pour it onto the other cake in the baking dish. Then put sour cherry on the cake and bake it.


Cook the vanilla pudding. When it gets cold, mit [?] it with butter and lemon peel and put it on the baked cake.

Finally put chocolate coating on the cake.

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