Yesterday in Zalaszentgrót

Yesterday we were in Zalaszentgrót. I had to take the local bus at 8:00 AM, so very early, in comparation with my schedules on other days. So I was at the theatre at approximately 8:10 AM and the departure to Zalaszentgrót has been announced to 8:30 AM. The minibus we travelled in arrived approximately at 8:40 AM. In the meantime I went upstairs to take my things with (instruments, my shirt...) and downstairs, in front of the building, at the back entrance (for the artists) I chatted with my colleagues, during we waited the minibus. Only we musicians travelled with that minibus, and one of the puppet actors, because the others travelled with the car of one of the actors (who drove afterwards home to Kecskemét to attend one of his daughter's important school happenings. After the performances he took one of the puppet actresses with, because she lives in that area, too. And we with the minibus took the other one with, back to Zalaegerszeg, to the theatre - the neighbourhood were she lives). We brought our instruments back into the room of the puppet theatre, because the performances will be continued on Monday.

In Zalaszentgrót we had two stagings, the first at 10:30 AM (30 minutes after it was announced) and the other one at 2:00 PM. The children were few in comparation that the room is quite large, only two rows were filled up.

Between the two performances some of us went to have lunch in the neighbouring restaurant, so I. It was tasty, but expensive. I had to pay almost 2000 HUF. I met the leaders of the local folk dance groups, too, at the corridor of the local cultural centre, where the performances took place. I chatted a little bit with one of them.

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