Wooden spoon

Recently I bought my first wooden spoon in the Christmas fair here in my town. If I had my own flat I would furnish it with wooden furniture in traditional style. Maybe I would fix plates on the wall as is usual in rooms decorated in traditional folk style and also hang up patterned tapestries taken from Hungarian folklore. Although my present room has only wooden furniture, it is modern and its colors are too bright for me. (I was not the one who paid for this new furniture so I couldn't decide on its colors. To tell the truth, brightly colored furniture was the cheaper, than dark during the recent renovation of our flat.) My first wooden spoon is a step on the way to changing my lifestyle away from the modern direction as much as possible to the traditional one. It includes also "Avoid using plastic objects as far as possible." I planned to use this wooden spoon for eating with but it seems to be too rough on my mouth; it causes an unpleasant feeling at the edges of my mouth. So I had to finish my experiments with it while eating so that my mouth wouldn't be injured over time. Maybe the kind of wooden spoon I bought wasn't made for eating with...

Special thanks again for Donald Gasper who had checked and corrected my text.

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