The beginning

Hi, all!

This is the personal blog of Péter Kovács (pronounce it approximately like 'Paytar Kovutch'; it means Peter Smith :) ) from Hungary, Central Europe.

I want to divide here my personal experienties (like usual in a calendar) and my own thoughts, too.

I plan this blog to be multilingual.

The languages, wich can appear here from me are: the hungarian (wich is my mother tongue), the german, the esperanto (sometimes maybe also the english). For the interlingua I dedicated an apart blog, where my entries can appear only in this language.

Comments, opinions, linguistic corrections are always welcome!

Péter Kovács

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At 28 január, 2006 00:09, Anonymous Mary scribeva...

I am handling the trust of watercolor artist Martha Watson Sauer. She has what appears to be an original sketch of yours. Can you give me an idea of what your sketches sell for? She traveled with several watercolor artists: Tom Hill, Morris Zoltan, Szabo, Tony Van Hasselt, John Pike.



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